Union News No.43 the year 2010

This union news bulletin aims to make the communication among the Osaka University Teacher’s Union in the Minoh Area and all the teachers active.
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The answer order is under the date when we received replies

【1】 TOHYAMA, Masaya
         (United Graduate School of Child Development)
【2】 NISHIO, Shojiro
         (Osaka University)
【3】 BABA, Akio
         (Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering)

【1】 TOHYAMA, Masaya (United Graduate School of Child Development)
       回答者 氏名 遠山正彌 所属 連合小児発達学研究科

Q (1) Please answer if you have any opinions on the current president

A (1)
I think we can greatly argue about re-thinking of current President
i) From a point of contribution to the running University, I think that
we should expand the range of voting members.
Adding to present voter, all full-time workers including contract
workers(professors) can be given voting rights equally.
ii) I think the present voting duration, 2 hours in the morning, is too
short for all voters to vote. I think, at least, it should be prolonged
by the late afternoon on the voting date.
And we haven't allowed absentee vote, too. We can not vote whenever we
have got lectures, medical treatments, duty trip (business trip) and so
on a the voting time now.  It seems as if voters are deprived voting rights.

現行の総長選挙については,再考の余地は大いにあると思っておりま す。
者については,教職員,専任特任の区別なく,投票権をあたえるべき ではない

Q (2) The temporary Part-time lectures is dismissed in 6 years in
maximum length. What do you think about this employing system?

A (2)
This regulation drains not only workers' right, but also excellent human
resources from Osaka University because they fear of labour dispute too
much, and there will be great disadvantages to job performance, too.
Under this condition, I think that we need to review about this
regulation including repeal, with basing on any opinions of labour union
and of specialists.

大阪大学から流出させることから,業務遂行においても, 支障があるように思

Q (3) The temporary part-time lectures who works before Osaka University
turned national university into independent administrative entries will
be dismissed in 5 years if he/she does not pass the particular lecturer
examination. Please give your opinion on this matter.
質問(3)法人化前から働いている非常勤職員は、特例職員試験に合 格しなけ

A (3)I think that we should not judge the temporary part-time lecturers'
skills only by the particular lecturer examination.
So, we must judge adoptive decision for temporary part-time lecturers
from the overall evaluation with considering how their bosses and
co-leagues evaluate their abilities.
As the result, I think it need to review this regulation, too.

非常勤職員の能力は,特例職員試験の合否によってのみ判断されるべ きではな

Q (4) University authorities don't pay the transportation fee to the
temporary part-time lecturer.  Please tell us what you think about this
質問(4)非常勤職員は交通費が支払われていません。これについて どのよう

A (4)
Temporary part-time lectures are also members of our university to
support educational activities and studies, therefore, it is necessary
for us to review how to run the general expense.


Q (5)
Because the overseas lecturers were treated as the guest(visiting)
lecturers of the previous Osaka University of Foreign Studies,
university owed all their necessary expanses like moving charge,
traveling flight expanse to return home country.
Please give us your opinion on this matter.
質問(5)旧外大時代には外国人の教員は、客員教員の待遇を受けて いたた

A (5)
Idem quod Question (4)


Q (6) All workers who use university parking for commuting have to pay
for the parking charge.  Please give your opinion about this question.
質問(6)通勤のために駐車場を利用する教職員は駐車場代を支払っ ていま

A (6)
When we think of the locational condition of our university, you are
compelled to use cars for commuting, on the other hand, it will be
necessary to consider ecology and traffic safety in campus.
If parking income is red, we need to review on this regulation, but in
the case of black income, I think that all members' opinions should be
aggregated and we need to find the best way whether we contribute to the
staff and professors/lecturers who use parking by parking income or we
maintain other traffic condition by using parking income, and so on.

大学の立地もあり,車での通勤はやむをえないと思いますが,他方で エコロ
ジーおよび校内での交通安全につても配慮する必要があるよう に思います。駐
車場収入が赤字の場合は別として、黒字の場合には駐 車場代を払っている教職
員に還元するのか、他の交通基盤の整備など に使用するのか、教職員の意見を

Q (7) Under the Work Regulations' main rules, workers of maternity leave
are unpaid. What do you think of this?
質問(7)大阪大学の就業規則本則では産休は無給となっています。 これにつ

A (7)
The university authorities won't pay the salary for maternity leave
under the byelaw of university regulations, but they say that they will
not apply for this regulation for the moment. I suppose, they may be
paid the salary of a leave of absence.  Is it right? (If I am wrong, I
withdraw this comment.)
But in my opinion, I think it will be better to pay to the maternity
leave as a salary of a leave of absence. However, we have to consider
this regulation not only from the incoming point of view, but also from
the social security point of view.
Depending on the reasons of a leave of absence (incl. maternity leave),
we should enrich and provide allowances. To archive this matter, it is
necessary to strengthen the financial foundation and we have to consider
well to improve labour conditions when we use general expense.

休職(含む産休)の 事由に応じて,見舞金や祝賀金等の支給を充実させていく
い と思いますし,一般経費の使用において,労働条件の改善は,大いに考慮す

Q (8) Ex-lecturers, professors of the Osaka University of Foreign
Studies, they were able to accept the same retirement allowances  with
the ones of retiring at the age of 65 years old when it turned into the
independent administrative entries.
Please give your opinion about this contract.
質問(8)旧外大教員は法人化の時点で65歳定年時の退職金が支給さ れること
になっていました。これについてどのようにお考えでしょう か。

A (8)
Because I may not understand what you mean well, I will refrain of
answering in detail.  In this matter, I understand this would be the
agreement between us when we merged our universities. Therefore, it
should be executed under the agreements.


 Q (9)
 i) Following the National Personnel Authority's salary recommendations,
the wages cut down last year.  What do you think of this salary
 ii)  There will be wage cut down again, because civil-service workers
gets a 10% pay cut this year.  Please give your clear opinion about this
質問(9)昨年は人事院勧告に従って、賃金が引き下げられました。 これにつ
いてどのようにお考えでしょうか。また、今年度、公務員の 給与が10%引き下

i) There will be serious reasons that many young excellent human
resources will not stay in university and will not want to work at
university, the reasons are : 1) bad working conditions  2) No time to
study what they really want to research because of too much odd jobs.
To solve these problems, firstly we should improve the working
conditions. Secondly, it will be necessary to show concrete and sincere
attitude to manage/run our university by raising our management power as
independent Administrative Institution, constructing a stable financial
foundation and providing the benefit to all members of university.
In addition, we need to insist to the government that education is the
basic national policy, so that those excellent human resource should be
employed not as the ordinary government employees.

・ 大学に若い優秀な人材が集まらなくなっているのは,待遇が悪いこ と,雑用
が多くやりたいことができなくなっていること,が大きな 要因であるように思
います。そのためには,まず待遇改善を図るべ きで,独立行政法人としての経
営力を高め,財政基盤を盤石なもの にし,それを教職員に還元する,という経
営姿勢が求められている のだと思います。併せて,国に対しても,教育は国策
の根本であり、 一般公務員の枠から本来は外すべきである,ということを主張

ii) Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake, they argue on the
civil-service worker's pay cut now.  As the Japanese, I think we should
contribute to supports of the disaster-strucks. As the result, we have
to accept the cut off at the moment.  Moreover, I think that on the one
hand, we should refer to and insists on the ideal attitude as the
national policy, and that on the other hand,  we should improve workers'
treatments individually with trying to improve management efforts as the
Independent Administrative Institution.

 ・ 震災に伴い給料の引き下げが論議されています。国民として被災支 援はでき
るだけ貢献すべきと思います。それゆえ,現時点では認容 しなければならない
かもしれませんが,一方で国策としてあるべき 姿に言及・主張しつつ,他方で
独立行政法人における経営努力によ って,独自に待遇改善は図っていくべきだ


【2】Respondent NISHIO, Shojiro (Osaka University)

I am planning as a candidate to announce officially my basic policies
to all members of the University. Therefore I will refrain from
responding to these individual questions.


As for the personnel system, I think it is necessary to contribute to
maintain and improve educational, research and social activities,
while taking into account the current economic and fiscal situation.



【3】Respondent: BABA, Akio 
        (Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering)

I will declare my manifestation for the President selection to all the
university members in public. Please confirm it with my declaration.
Thank you.

馬場章夫 工学研究科

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